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Christopher Kuhn

Formed in 2016, the company's proprietor, Christopher Kuhn, is a 30-year veteran in banking & finance in the diversified New York, New Jersey market, with experience in business development, commercial lending in both sales and credit, project finance, accounting, cash management and in dealing with small to upper middle market companies.

Kuhn quickly saw the market needed a viable alternative for small to mid-sized companies that did not yet need, nor could not afford, the full-time CFO. This leaves the financial tasks to other individuals less qualified to monitor company finances and ensure P&L and balance sheet remain financially sound and prepared to meet the growth objectives set out by the business owner. 

As a former banker, Kuhn saw few leaving the banking industry and decided to capitalize on an opportunity to help small to mid-sized companies on a part-time basis and work them through to the next stage in their growth cycle.  As a former banker, this not only afforded companies a part-time solution but now someone who can bring the bank intell to the customer side and leverage any future bank negotiations. The opportunity also allowed Kuhn to choose the right bank for a particular client knowing the profile of each bank in the market. 

ELO has accumulated various relationships over the past 30 years and will utilize trusted partners to add value to your company. ELO has more than 1,000 Level 1 Linked In relationships and more than 400,000 Level 2 Linked In relationships providing access to partners that could help grow your company and help you meet business and personal objectives. 

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