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Add-On Services


ELO has an extensive linked in  network as well as a 35+ year portfolio of valued contacts that can clearly turn into prospects for your company. 
ELO will learn, understand and pitch your product/service as an add-on engagement to its base CFO service and can work on a commission-only basis to help with organic growth.

Be it loan sourcing, capital raise, or obtaining employee retention credits, R&D tax credits or other grants your company may be eligible for, ELO has a history of finding the necessary funding for your company. 
ELO’s extensive banking background and lending connections can help you streamline your efforts with a fast path to the funding you need. ELO works closely with the SBA to help you obtain all the grants applicable to your company. 
Elo has created pitch decks for valued investors to ensure your capital raise is successful.


ELO can help you on buy-side and sell-side and will position your company properly for a successful transaction. 
ELO’s extensive network can help source targets that can help achieve your acquisition objectives and compliment your legacy company to boost enterprise value.  ELO can assist with merger integrations which can be complex and ensure that not only income and expense streams are properly aligned but culture as well so that employees can proceed in harmony for successful growth.



ELO will transfer financials, create new Chart of Accounts for any data migration to a new QuickBooks account


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