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When I think of Christopher Kuhn & ELO, the one word which comes to my mind is “trust”. That is invaluable in business. When we started, we both knew that we were taking risks on each other that others would have declined. He innovatively worked on a credit facility which gave us the breathing room we needed for the growth. Our company grew almost 250% in less than 2 years. His transaction also saved $1MM from the original offer. In Christopher, you have the quintessential trusted partner that delivers confidence backed by 30 years of being a creative solution provider. He will help troubled companies obtain the right financing and will make sure your balance sheet trends positive in order to attract a buffet of lenders while you grow. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Christopher as your CFO to get your business to the next level of your growth stage.

-------Data Glove, Inc.

Current ELO Consulting, LLC client

Christopher Kuhn is a dedicated client services professional who is always ready to assist in any way possible. He is a proactive and forward thinking team member who anticipates the needs of his clients and in turn, makes the relationship very easy. Christopher's drive and desire to help his client's grow their business is one of his strongest attributes.

--------Staffing Alternatives

Business Associate and past client

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