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Your Virtual Starter CFO

What Is a Virtual CFO?

  • An affordable, low-risk starter CFO package.

  • Virtual CFO creates, monitors, analyzes, and advises monthly online via Go To Meeting (virtual conference platform) 

What Makes It Low Risk?

  • It is affordable for small to mid-sized companies ($999/mo.)

  • Fee historically offset by solutions that have yielded significant savings

  • Low 6-month commitment

  • 30-day cancellation clause

How Do I Start?

  • Provide ELO your latest full year of accountant-prepared financial statements

  • ELO creates a 3-tiered budget (Conservative, Expected, Aggressive) based on initial meeting with owner, establishing year-ahead objectives

  • ELO obtains actual results monthly and schedules a half day Go To Meeting to perform variance analysis and discussion based on objectives

Why ELO?

  • 30-year experience in banking and finance with a vast network of partners that can add tremendous value

  • ELO's 1099 (consultant) status reduces additional labor costs a W-2 CFO brings

  • ELO provides strong referral bonuses to existing clients making the CFO a revenue generator not a cost center

What Else Do I Get?

  • Quarterly written budget report analyzing P&L and Balance Sheet with recommendations on all items to stay on budget and meet objectives

  • ELO analyses your business in depth with software that slices and dices your financials, providing key credit ratios viewed by banks and comparisons to industry averages

  • 24-hour advisory services on other aspects of your business and areas needing focus (ELO's more customized services are then available with additional scope of work and more focused objectives (ie: IT solutions, real estate tax solutions, loan sourcing, M&A, etc).

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